Atopic Dermatitis, Atopic Eczema, or even just ad.

These are some of the names that may have been given to the skin condition that you, your partner, family member or friend is living with.

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Atopic dermatitis or AD is not well known. But did you know you’re not alone?

Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema and yet many people are unaware of the impact on daily life.1 Scratch Beneath the Surface aims to help improve understanding of atopic dermatitis - not only the physical symptoms you can see and feel, but the emotional and psychological symptoms that lie under the surface of this life-long skin condition.

Allergy UK is pleased to work in collaboration with Sanofi on the Scratch Beneath the Surface campaign. 

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I have been told I have atopic dermatitis which I never understood as many different doctors would just call it eczema, everyone knows what eczema is. All we need to do is to spread awareness of how severe it can get without the right kind of help.
AD patient, UK patient survey

There are almost 1.5 million (3%) people in the UK with atopic dermatitis.2,3

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